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Junior Economist

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1 School Banking Program:
Teaching children about financial management at a young age is important. That’s why the School Banking program will be introduced by us. This hands-on, experiential learning program was established to encourage the life-long ethic of saving and help students recognize the benefits of saving early and often.
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2 Smart Kidz for Junior Kidz (For Class 4th to 8th):
Our fundamental beliefs is that education should be engaging and because research shows that kids learn more from interactivity and involvement, all our financial literacy programs have been designed with this mind. We’ve worked hard to develop interesting educational activities and models that keep pace with kids’ developmental skills. So no matter how old the kids in your life are, there’s a financial literacy initiative that’s perfect for their age group.
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3 Personal Finance (For Class 9th to 12th):
We believe that financial habits should be formed early. So we should begin teaching kids lessons about personal finances when they’re very young. If we present kids with practical lessons in formats to which they can easily relate, we’ll establish an educational foundation that supports continued financial education training as they mature
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